We are the Hennies.  We lived in Washington, DC working in and around Capitol Hill for fifteen years and we loved it.  We loved our lives, our friends, our jobs, and our city. The tug to adventure and travel became too strong to ignore. We simply had to explore, roam and live free. That's why we decided that quitting our dream jobs, selling our dream home and living out of an RV traveling the National Parks and spots in between for the next year was a logical move. We are cruising to and through all points North America, undertaking the ultimate adventure.

Lust for life has us living out of a newmar fifith wheel and a ford truck. Meager accommodations yes, but we are loving it. Come join us in a park or follow along here. Drop a line sometime.

Contact Info: Jeff and Alicia Hennie. or 202 297 6422 or 236 Rainbow Drive #13663 Livingston, Texas 77399