We are wanna be goonies

The Southern Oregon coast is breathtaking with its otherworldly beauty. We beached it for a day or two. Sweetie had a breezy time. The nooks and crannys of this coast are endless. 

we found cabana one. or two, or twelve. 

And primo, did i say primo? camping. Like the best camping. look how happy the TW is,,,,

Grilled pizza.  you have never. On the left we have goat cheese, local free pear, camp site picked marion berry, olive oil and on the right is camper made pesto, sausage, tomato. ya gotta eat, and ya gotta grill. That pizza was insane! 

We have been camping in a black berry patch of some size for the past week and a half. They have been dropping of the vine into our buckets seemingly at will .So fresh black berries are an abundant staple right now. 

beach days. thats the largest monolith of the coast of Oregon. fantastic place.